emilgustavsson | A Dry Rose is Dead

Roses may be beautiful, and they were related to love.

However a dry rose will always be dead.

It can trick us with it's beautiful color, that it still got, but no matter how much water and care you give it, it will always be dry and dead.

I would like to see you as a seed. So small and from the outside it does not look so spectacular or even ready.

But it’s a thing that will never disappoint.

Because one day, in the right moment and the right time, there will be time for us to give water and energy, to what is us.

In the moment this little dry seed will raise up and turn into a beautiful flower. Something fresh and alive. Something that will grow.

Anything that will live all time as long as we take care of it, and don’t let it die out. Be my water and I will be your sun.

Together we will grow..



A dry rose is dead – by Emil Gustavsson