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Every day people go to sleep hungryGlobal growth

Every day a respectable amount of people go to sleep hungry.




How many people are poor?

Today around 1.4 billion people lives in extreme poverty around the world.

Over 80% of the world population have to survive on less then 10 dollars a day.


Why fight poverty?

Primary because humans are suffer. Many people are born unable to change their poor situation.

Over 21 000 children die every day due to hunger. Nobody can defend such depressive numbers.


How can you help?

Fortunately there is a lot of things you can do!

Buy with awareness: Buying products that are produced in a good and ethic way. Think about the huge responsibility you have as a consumer. Your seleccion of choice in the supermarket, can make a difference of life and death!

Support aid organisations: You can support aid organisations economically. It's a good choice, if you are unable to help out personally. Be aware and always check that the organisation seams serious before donate any money.

Volunteer: Travel away where help is needed. Share your competence globally. This is a good thing helping out people in need, and a personal development for yourself.

About morality: Even if money can do a lot, we have to face the fact that it is also much about the mentality and attitude of people.

In the history we was used to defend our family and town. What was close to us we related as family & nation. Today with cheap flights and long distance trains, the world borders has blurred out. The worlds countries are now more like a huge city. Studies and communication tools have made it easier to communicate between people. We have to start consider the planet earth as a global family, and because of that we also have to care about each other the same way. Global awareness and understanding is the key to a world without human suffer.

Last but not least; Don't accept poverty as a human phenomenon. According to big studies, there are enough food/water-resources to feed every human being today. We just have to share the resources in a better way. 


How do I help?

Being a photographer, I have a strong believe in the way photos can influence and touch humans beings. They touch our minds and make us think. So if I can take photos and show to people I am convinced that those will have a great impact.

To watch poverty and suffer hurts a lot. So if I can take those feelings, convert them, and print them on paper. Suddenly I created a portable sheet that can have impact on people.

Travel to places where there is poverty and suffering. Learn about the culture. Then make it portable. Carry them along with you, to a place where there is no troubles. When showing them, people will be affected and start to think about how they could improve the situation. Because now, you know the culture better, there is also possible to inform those people how they can improve and make a big difference. That way you can enhance the situation in a very positive direction.

A photographer work in this way!


Donate: I am running projects aiming to have a positive effect on fighting poverty.

You can donate a optional amount, to support my living costs, food and help to the people I work with.

Check out HERE what new projects are coming up next.