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1. Project Peru 2011-2012

In November 2011 I decided to move to Perú. Perú is a poor country with huge social differences, and many people living in extreme poverty. My goal with my trip is to get a bigger understandning about poverty and the causes. Also to help out poor kids, through nutrition and education. I currently work here as a teacher of Art & Photography. It´s a hard but regarding work. I have a big trust in what creativity can do for kids, not only make them more creatives.

Look at the pictures from Peru here!


A big thanks to my sponsors who financed me in the work I was doing in Peru.


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2. Project South America 2012

Around 18 million people starving to death every single year. Its a huge difference between people that is poor, and people that actually can't feed themselves in order to survive. I was travelling in some of the most poor areas in South America to learn more about poverty and try to find out, what causes poverty, and what we can do about it. This is some pictures from this trip, that I want to share with you.

Look at the pictures here!