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A poor man in prague with tourists aroundGlobal growth

The world has developed in many different ways. Although the overall quality of life has improved, so has poverty not reduced.
According to UNICEF it dies 21 000 children under 5 years, every day!

Numbers such as these can sometimes be difficult to understand.
So let's put it in context:

Imagine you worked as a teacher in a pre-school. During an average workday, you would see about one child every second, dying in front of your eyes.
When you come back on Monday morning, you would face a 25-meter high mountain of dead children bodies, when a total of 150 000 children died during the past week.
You would probably cry, but quickly realize that next week would be the same.
Even next year, and the year after that.

Dead children, and completely unnecessarily.


According to most of the people around you, this problem can't be solved.

Then they receive some other facts who would change their mind.

Today obesity kills more persons then underweight according to WHO.

Then you realise quite fast that problems are quite easy to solve. In fact, there is a win-win situation.